Unite for a Better Life (UBL) is an innovative, evidence-based gender-transformative program to prevent intimate partner violence (IPV) and HIV transmission.

It includes three components:​

Gender-transformative Curricula

UBL uses a participatory curricula tailored for development and humanitarian contexts for groups of women, men and couples. The curricula include facilitated discussions, activities and exercises targeting the underlying social, cultural and behavioral determinants of IPV.

High Quality Facilitation

UBL sessions are delivered by trained facilitators from the community. Facilitators must first complete the UBL program as participants in order to address any gender inequitable attitudes they themselves may harbor before participating in specialized training to build facilitation skills.

Delivery through a Community Practice

UBL sessions are delivered in the context of cultural or community practices that serve as a platform for intervention delivery and discussion. This increase the cultural relevance and potential effectiveness of the program, and provides an opportunity to model and practice gender equitable behaviors.

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