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UBL Podcast


Unite for a Better Life (UBL) is an innovative, evidence-based program designed to prevent and reduce intimate partner violence (IPV) and HIV among women, men and couples.

In order to serve harder-to-reach populations, including displaced populations in emergencies, the UBL Program expanded to include podcast episodes that correspond with the UBL in-person sessions. Podcast episodes were co-created by Somali refugees in a camp in Dollo Ado, along the Ethiopia-Somalia border. Each UBL podcast episode includes dramas, interviews with experts and community members, practical tips in order to prevent and reduce IPV.

The UBL podcast series includes a total of 16 episodes that address gender, healthy sexuality, conflict resolution, household task-sharing, substance use, & sexual harassment.


Episodes can be broadcast in designated Listening Centers or downloaded to individuals’ own cellphones and shared person-to-person.

The program could be implemented in both development and humanitarian contexts.

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